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Electric Toothbrush Comfortable Feeling

Nov 02, 2017

Electric Toothbrush Comfortable feeling

What are the benefits of using electric toothbrushes?

1. Cleanliness

Many people are used to sober their teeth, the results of the teeth left a lot of bacteria and food. Over time, there will be plaque attached to the teeth, the formation of stubborn calculus. Compared to manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush to rely on high-speed vibration brush, not only can completely clean the tooth surface, but also in-depth cleaning teeth. Can effectively remove plaque, prevent the production of dental calculus, make your teeth more healthy. Long-term use, and gradually achieve the effect of whitening.

2. comfortable feeling

Improper brushing makes the gums often suffering. Electric toothbrush high-speed rotation and the slight vibration, not only can promote the oral blood circulation, the gum tissue also has unexpected massage effect, comfortable and healthy.

3. Electric toothbrush is more safe than manual toothbrush, less wear on teeth

Electric toothbrush is a high-speed vibration through the bristles, the toothpaste is broken down into tiny bubbles, driving water to clean the teeth, and manual brushing compared to the friction between the teeth and smaller. A large number of studies have proved that electric toothbrushes are more secure than manual toothbrushes, no damage to the soft and hard tissue.

4. To reduce bleeding gums, prevent a variety of oral diseases

Professional dentist told us that bleeding gums, in fact, is not caused by too hard to brush the teeth. But you usually do not brush the teeth clean, gums near the bacteria to stimulate the gums, resulting in inflammation of the gums, bleeding, severe cases will lead to loose teeth. Ordinary electric toothbrush: the current market, rotating as the representative of the electric toothbrush is more commonly used, and we use ordinary toothbrush to brush your teeth, the ordinary electric toothbrush is also relying on bristles and tooth dirt between the physical contact, friction to clean the teeth. But the electric toothbrush bristles and teeth between the friction of this power is derived from the faster, more stable electric motor. The first use of electric toothbrush, it is recommended to choose a rotary electric toothbrush.

Acoustic vibration toothbrush: Compared with the conventional electric toothbrush, the sound wave toothbrush has been out of the physical friction of this stage, and have a qualitative change, do not rely on the brush on the dirt friction to clean the teeth, acoustic vibration toothbrush on the mouth and teeth damage Low, and can be cleaned to an ordinary manual toothbrush can not clean the oral dead ends, such as gum line and tooth gap area.

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