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Electric Toothbrush Good Brushing Habits

Sep 09, 2017

Electric Toothbrush Good brushing habits

With the importance of people's health, oral problems have also been concerned about. We all know that in our mouth, the most important thing is our teeth, as the saying goes: there is a good teeth, eat Well Well incense. In our lives, I measure the health of an elderly, but also to see his teeth, teeth well, eat well, digest the body will naturally better. In recent years, a lot of oral problems, mainly: 1. Bad breath 2. Gingival bleeding 3. Cavities 4. Caries 5. Plaque 6. Dental calculus

        For the solution to these oral problems, I suggest to be rooted, because the cause of these problems is mainly because we do not have a good brushing habits in our daily lives and brush your teeth is not clean. Find out the reason will prescribe the right medicine, I believe we all know that electric toothbrush has been from the category of personal care into the field of oral health care. Electric toothbrush compared to the benefits of manual toothbrush a lot, here is not much talk. In short, the electric toothbrush will be more thorough cleaning our teeth, with a smart system 2 minutes time 30 seconds for us to develop a good brushing habits. Can electric toothbrush go to dental stones?

Dental calculus is a common problem in people's mouth, and when you have teeth, and on behalf of your oral hygiene environment is not very good. If you can keep the teeth clean for a long time, the calculus is not produced. If you have a calculus, it is likely to have the problem of periodontitis. Because the teeth will stimulate the gums, leading to bleeding gums, sensitive, serious teeth may fall off. This time the effect of brushing teeth is minimal, even if the electric toothbrush, cleaning the effect of dental calculus is not big. But with electric toothbrush can be loosened loose teeth. So the electric toothbrush can loosen the teeth but it is not possible to completely remove the calculus.

Dental calculus for people is a disadvantage, many of the harm of dental stones, gums cause harm to the periodontal group - weaving harm, as well as lead to the occurrence of periodontitis and other hazards. There are many reasons for the cause of dental calculus in daily life, so it is necessary to pay attention to the calculus, early detection and early treatment, so as to avoid serious harm to the mouth. So when we found that when the teeth can not be considered only rely on electric toothbrush to get off the teeth, because it is not good for people's mouth and the results are not obvious, so we go to the hospital early treatment.

The benefits of electric toothbrushes

 Electric toothbrush through the vibration can eliminate more food residue, dead ends are not let off, to prevent the formation of long time deposition of dental calculus, a large number of experiments show that: electric toothbrush can remove more than 40% of the plaque, so that the teeth cleaner. And electric toothbrush can make the teeth more comprehensive protection, because the electric toothbrush through the high-speed rotation to produce a slight vibration, not only can promote the oral blood circulation, while the gingival tissue also have unexpected massage effect; experiments show that regular use of electric toothbrush brushing Can make gingivitis, gingival bleeding frequency decreased by about 60%. So the teeth are more healthy. And for the beauty of the people is better. Because the electric toothbrush through the high-speed vibration easier to remove due to smoking, drinking tea and poor oral conditions caused by tooth stains, time will continue as new, so the electric toothbrush can keep the teeth white.

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