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Electric Toothbrush More Thorough Cleaning

Sep 01, 2017

Electric Toothbrush More thorough cleaning

With the importance of people's health, oral problems have also been concerned about. We all know that in our mouth, the most important thing is our teeth, as the saying goes: there is a good teeth, eat Well Well incense. In our lives, I measure the health of an elderly, but also to see his teeth, teeth well, eat well, digest the body will naturally better. In recent years, a lot of oral problems, mainly: 1. Bad breath 2. Gingival bleeding 3. Cavities 4. Caries 5. Plaque 6. Dental calculus

        For these oral problems of the solution, I suggest to be from the root cause, because the cause of these problems mainly because we do not have a good brushing habits in daily life and brush your teeth is not clean. Find out the reason will prescribe the right medicine, I believe we all know that electric toothbrush has been from the category of personal care into the field of oral health care. Electric toothbrush compared to the benefits of manual toothbrush a lot, here is not much talk. In short electric toothbrush will be more thorough cleaning our teeth, with a smart system 2 minutes timer 30 seconds for us to develop a good brushing habits. "Well, the appetite is good, eat Well Well!" The World Health Organization (WHO) will be oral health as one of the top ten standards of human health. It is not just oral things - oral health and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, premature low birth weight, social psychology, malnutrition and so are related.

     So, the question of oral health is particularly important for our health. What is the oral health standard?

     Oral health is: teeth clean, no cavities, no pain, normal gum color, no bleeding. Most people in society have been faced with problems of oral problems. But the reason for suffering from oral problems for the majority of no 1. good brushing habits 2. brushing is not clean lead.

    Bad brushing habits: 1. excessive force 2. time is not enough 3. cold water brushing teeth 4. horizontal brush your teeth

     Brush your teeth is not clean: 1. brushing the frequency is not enough 2. dead brush less than

       In order to solve the above two problems, the Swiss doctor Philippe-Guy Woog invented the electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrush is the rapid rotation of the motor through the movement or vibration, so that the brush produces high-frequency vibration, and instantly break down the toothpaste into a tiny foam, deep cleaning teeth and bristles can promote oral blood circulation, gingival tissue also massage effect. In order to better solve the problem of brushing time people have developed a smart acoustic electric toothbrush.

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