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Electric Toothbrush Nursing Knowledge

Oct 24, 2017

Electric Toothbrush Nursing knowledge

It is everything that we all want to have, but want to have a good tooth can not be so simple. In addition to cultivating a good diet and cleaning habits, but also need to cleverly around the various "wound injury."

Oral health, general health. In theory, healthy teeth can accompany your life, but maybe you do not know that in the daily life of some common habits, are inadvertently damage your teeth. The following is the life of the most common bad habits of teeth, so you protect the health of the first off. 1. eat too sour

In order to protect the teeth, should avoid a lot of soda water, orange juice, red wine, or eat lemon and other acidic foods. The reason is that eating too much acidic foods also damage the enamel.

2. whitening teeth too far

Excessive bleaching of teeth will make enamel weak, acidic substances are more likely to corrode the teeth, leading to damage to the enamel hole. Once the enamel injury can not be restored, easily lead to tooth nerve exposure, so that the teeth allergy.

3. alternating hot and cold

Too hot food can cause enamel to swell. If this time a large mouth to drink cold drinks, will lead to sudden burst of enamel shrinkage, resulting in hair like the same crack, a long time to suffer from dental caries.

4. Electric toothbrush teeth when the tool

Many people are accustomed to using beer to open beer bottles or tear bags and so on. Experts say that teeth are used to chew food, rather than opener and other tools, often doing so easily lead to tooth fracture, displacement and so on.

5. Bite hard food

There are some development of the teeth within the teeth of the development of the ditch, fusion line, too much chewing hard objects after the teeth will appear similar to the phenomenon of metal fatigue, from these weak parts of the split, leading to tooth fracture, severe cases are required to remove.

6. side chewing

Chewing when concentrated on one side, will cause muscle joints and jaw development of the imbalance, light affect the appearance of severe unilateral teeth caused by excessive wear and jaw joints dysfunction.

7. tighten your teeth

Easily bite the teeth "slightly bang" ring of people, there will be excessive wear teeth, prone to dental problems such as teeth.

8. drink carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are mostly acidic, can directly corrode enamel, resulting in dental caries. More health knowledge can be clicked

9. Fruits and vegetables eat less

Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins, can prevent bleeding gums and inflammation. If the lack of vitamins, may lead to oral disease.

10. non-eating time to eat sweets

Eat cake, egg tart or biscuits, can cause obesity, dental caries. The dessert is best to eat after dinner.

11. Sweep brushing

Brushing too hard will exacerbate the tooth surface enamel wear, resulting in tooth allergy and pulp exposed. It is recommended to choose soft hair toothbrush, take the action of painting circle, to avoid the pull-type force fierce brush.

In addition, if the toothbrush to use 2 to 3 months on the emergence of bristle bending, brushing is forced by a clear signal.

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