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Electric Toothbrush Oral Health Field

Sep 28, 2017

Electric Toothbrush Oral health field

Electric toothbrush is the emergence of new products in recent years, has set off a foreign revolution in the field of oral health care. Although the application of electric toothbrush in China is not yet popular, but it has been predicted that it will become an important member of the public health care products. So what about the current market situation?

Survey shows that electric toothbrush compared with ordinary toothbrush, more scientific and effective. Can be more thoroughly remove plaque, reduce gingivitis and gum bleeding, is also widely popular in many countries in Europe and the United States daily necessities.

The electric toothbrush through the rapid rotation, so that the brush produces high-frequency vibration, and instantly break down the toothpaste into a tiny foam, in-depth cleaning teeth; at the same time, the bristles of bristles can promote oral blood circulation, gingival tissue unexpected massage effect The

And compared to ordinary manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush handle larger, brush smaller, more ergonomic human design, so brush your teeth better.

At present, China's electric toothbrush industry is still in the early stages of development

According to the Shenzhen sonic electric toothbrush market research center pointed out that at present, the market pattern of electric toothbrush brand is as follows: high-end market mainly concentrated in Braun, Philips, and several foreign brand monopoly, and low-end market brand concentration is low, very competitive fierce. As many venues cleaning products business competition for the land, Colgate, Crest, etc. under the effect of toothpaste brand have launched electric toothbrush. However, low-end electric toothbrush market is an open market blank area, which will become China's manufacturers into the electric toothbrush market breakthrough.

Electric toothbrush consumer groups are basically locked in the high-income class. From the age and occupation to breakdown: young generation is the main consumer of electric toothbrush, specifically focused on gold collar and white-collar workers, students and children.

Gold collar and white collar is the main force to buy electric toothbrushes, they have high spending power, they focus on and the pursuit of high quality of life, and willing to try new things. Electric toothbrushes for this market should focus on the creation and dissemination of new oral health concepts.

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