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Nasal Irrigator Bottle Characteristics

Oct 13, 2017

Nasal Irrigator Bottle characteristics

What are the types of nasal flushers?

Bottle type: bottle type is composed of 300ml bottle, cap, unique rinse head composition, according to the market demand for many consumers, bottle characteristics of novel, beautiful appearance. Bottle-type flushing head with a single hole DC enhanced nozzle, three holes slow pressure water children's nozzle, one-way non-return, according to the need for free matching; large capacity 300ML and so on.

Airbag type: air bag type nasal irrigator rinse head by the porous pressure nozzle, into the liquid pipe, airbag, check valve composition; components are made of medical grade polymer materials; product is simple, easy to use; Bacteria packaging, product safety performance in line with registered product standards. Airbag type has a variety of rinse head, a variety of specifications.

Harmful substances long to follow the breathing, came to the nasal cavity, but was the nasal immune system accumulation in the nasal cavity, if the long-term lack of clean-up may be due to accumulation of bacteria caused by excessive body infection, which is what we say Rhinitis, so buy a nasal rinse can regularly remove these debris, but also we have a healthy life.

And finally remind you in the use of nasal rinse washing process should not do swallowing action! Because when we swallow, located in the back of the nasal cavity of the Eustachian tube at the same time open, if at this time just in the rinse, it is possible to rinse or nasal Of the secretions through the pharynx of the Eustachian tube into the Eustachian tube or even the middle ear, causing unnecessary infection.

Nasal flusher is now a very good nasal cleaning products, during which the cleaning agent, can be an excellent nasal mucosa for cleaning, during which the use of a similar composition of saline, can be excellent to ensure compatibility with the body's acid and alkali properties , Clean the time will not have a lot of baking sensation, and can be very good to reduce the impact on the nasal mucosa, other saline can also be very good for some of the air to kill a variety of bacteria, and then ensure that All the nasal health and cleanliness, so recommend the brothers usually have these days in the use of these goods, very good anytime, anywhere on their own nasal mucosa for cleaning and maintenance.

After the use of nasal irrigation device, it will be the dust, haze and particles of unlucky ingredients to eliminate all, to restore the nose clean, comfortable feeling. But also because of the advantages of healing, rhinitis, or hi nose discomfort, are able to quickly recover from health.

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