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Nasal Irrigator Clean And Moist

Sep 28, 2017

Nasal Irrigator Clean and moist

Nasal flusher has the effect of cleaning wet sterilization, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, air pollution, especially occupational air pollution in people's nasal cleaning, health care. It can be used as a variety of rhinitis, nasal perioperative cleaning, nasal daily health care appliances, through a variety of mechanisms acting on the MC, restore nasal function, shorten the course of disease in clinical practice, safe, effective and powerful academic stand by!

What are the types of nasal flushers?

Bottle type: bottle type is composed of 300ml bottle, cap, unique rinse head composition, according to the market demand for many consumers, bottle characteristics of novel, beautiful appearance. Bottle-type flushing head with a single hole DC enhanced nozzle, three holes slow pressure water children's nozzle, one-way non-return, according to the need for free matching; large capacity 300ML and so on.

Airbag type: air bag type nasal irrigator rinse head by the porous pressure nozzle, into the liquid pipe, airbag, check valve composition; components are made of medical grade polymer materials; product is simple, easy to use; Bacteria packaging, product safety performance in line with registered product standards. Airbag type has a variety of rinse head, a variety of specifications. One, how to wash nose

It is best for a special nasal irrigator, with 0.9% saline, head forward 15 degrees, if the first from the right side of the nose, the head can be slightly to the right side, mouth breathing, the water from the right nostrils through the sides of the nose The channel flows from the left nostril. Rinse the left side of the method with the front, the head slightly left partial, water from the left nostril into the right nostrils out.

Second, clinical use

① nasal swelling when the mucous membrane swelling, cilia off, nasal flushing can be cleared in the inside of a large number of nasal discharge, thereby reducing the nasal congestion or nasal reflux symptoms. ; ② remove the endoscopic surgery after surgery attached to some of the crust; ③ whenever the season alternately, the air pollen drift, these allergens in the nasal mucosa surface caused by allergic reactions, the nose itching, sneezing flow nose, Nasal irrigation can effectively remove these allergens; adenoid is located in the nasal wall of the posterior wall of a tonsil mass, childhood adenoid hypertrophy after the nausea, resulting in nasal microenvironment disorders, easy rhinitis rhinitis, secretions Of the gathering is even worse, if the children can cooperate, this method is worth to choose.

Third, health use

Living in modern society, residents, whether urban or rural, will face dust, car exhaust gas invasion,

There will be some dirty things in the nasal cavity, a pot of salt water will be our easy to deal with air pollution, the secret weapon.

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