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Nasal Irrigator Clean The Nostrils

Sep 09, 2017

Nasal Irrigator Clean the nostrils

Nasal flusher manufacturers to show you a few common methods, we can choose:

1, morning wash your face with a cotton swab dipped in water, and then gently into the nostrils rotating wipe clean nostrils.

2, the feeling of stubborn sticky sticky, the bath can be used when the flow of warm water gently washed down, so that after the nasal cavity by blowing his nose to blow it out, pay attention to blow your nose when not too much force, first blow your side and then blow another Side to prevent the nose into the Eustachian tube and tympanum, causing acute otitis media.

3, ground cut nose hair. Do not let the nose hair exposed, but do not cut too short, too short to play the role of blocking the dust.

4, with saline or nasal irrigation rinse nasal cavity. This will not only clean the nasal cavity, but also to maintain normal nasal physiological environment. Generally suffering from allergic rhinitis or chronic sinusitis friends need to do so, the method prescribed. One, often digging booger will make the nostrils bigger?

Many people can not control their own digging booger, but at the same time worry about the nostrils become larger, affecting the image of facial features.

In fact, under normal circumstances will not affect the size of the nostrils, digging booger this action itself will not make the nose deformation. Your nostalgia model size since you developed completely after the fixed, and will not be digging the action of the external force of the impact of this. When the nose appears some inflammation, it may be slightly short-term will become larger, inflammation can be returned to normal after the regression. Second, digging boogers in the end okay?

Can dig, but do not recommend often digging. Booger is a by-product of the body's metabolism, popular is the nasal shedding of the old mucosa (in fact, the nose) and inhalation of nasal dust, microbial formation of dry scab after the formation of nasal scaling. The dirt stuck in a position in the nostrils that affect breathing, people will have to get rid of its impulses.

Digging booger, and squeeze acne, dig ear feces, biting nails, pull the feet, see the dirty things away from the body when the whole body and mind are pleasant: dig out the moment, ah ~ the whole world are quiet The.

But pleasure at the same time, you have not realized the danger of digging booger

1, may damage the nose hair. When a lump of booger and nasal adhesions more closely, the fingertip of the scraping action may make it fall, nose loss will reduce the nasal defense function and secretion function, increase the occurrence of nasal inflammation, dry rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia The chance of onset;

2, may damage the nasal mucosa, leading to epistaxis. Nasal mucosa distribution of many capillaries, forced or hard hard nails are likely to cause harm;

3, it is possible to put the bacteria on the bacteria into the nasal cavity. Most people will not deliberately wash their hands after pulling the nose. This will destroy the stability of the nasal environment, serious will lead to infection.

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