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Nasal Irrigator Flush The Nasal Cavity

Oct 24, 2017

Nasal Irrigator Flush the nasal cavity

Often in the use of nasal irrigation device to pay attention to the nose when the inquiry to see if we are in the process of washing the nasal cavity, is not mixed with some blood, and the situation of the pus should also be a good record, often in the protection of nasal health , Or when the cleaning time, try not to hand to pull the nose, which may cause damage to the nasal mucosa, together with exacerbations.

Children assume that sinusitis, usually the initial manifestation is not simple to be found, which requires parents to carefully check, assuming that with some hot scenes, should try to go to Yiling Hospital as soon as possible to see, together we have to use Nasal flusher wash nose to clean, to develop a good habit, as usual brush your face the same, do not careless. Nasal wash device nose wash principle is kneading airbag type

Nasal cavity washing machine nasal planning is usually mechanical, the kneading of the airbag, to control the size of the air pressure, so that each person can be based on the situation is not the same, to plan their own degree of comfort, of course, Found the process with the dizziness and vomiting, should immediately stop to rest for some time, waiting to reflect the beginning and then start.

The patient is presumed to be an acute communicator who advocates not to use nasal irrigators. As a result, it has been confirmed in medical practice that patients with severe infections may be able to wash their noses due to the use of a nasal rinse, and then cause the disease to increase, under the supervision of the physician , The end of the nasal cleaning, and often do not hand to dig the nostrils, which will lead to repeated infections, together with attention, and do not share a nasal wash with a nose. Sinusitis classification is very extensive, there is a sinusitis is due to the virus caused by the process of healing, the hospital doctors will usually help us to use penicillin, of course, this antibiotic with the body will have a certain side effects, Often with the drug treatment, but also at home using nasal washing machine to wash the nose, the nostrils out of those debris out.

The frequency of cleaning every day, depending on the degree of the patient's illness, according to the degree of the individual is not the same, there are some poisoning patients to be twice a day nasal washing machine wash nose, and some mild may be twice a week Enough, nasal disease usually gives people a great day of inconvenience, some patients and even appetite. Sinusitis caused by the expression of many, some of whom will be due to sinusitis and migraine headache, many times, usually neglect the effect of sinusitis, and increasingly tend to migraine treatment, assuming that the main can start in the sinusitis, the use of Nasal irrigation device to wash the nose to inflate, may greatly reduce the probability of our incidence.

Due to heavy air pollution, air molecules usually have some chemical composition or harmful substances, which increased the probability of our nasal sinusitis was infected, so often home with nasal washing machine wash nose, you can try to clean and wash as much as possible, also Together to ensure that we will not because of the air pollutants, and cause a frequent slow sinusitis.

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