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Nasal Irrigator Health Effects

Sep 21, 2017

Nasal Irrigator Health effects

The use of nasal washing machine to wash your nose what taboo?

In the use of nasal washing machine nasal wash process, had, the patient is also a certain health effects, but the use of this thing what the advantages and harm it, the original attack is also some, for example, severe upper respiratory tract infection, Can not often use the nasal wash device to wash nose, because it may exacerbate the disease.

We all know that in the nasal cavity of people, covered with a variety of nerves, and sometimes not clear, we have some relevance to the brain, often patients said, due to the elements of sinusitis, resulting in a migraine , So the situation is a nasal wash device wash nose, usually let us get very good to relax, together with the nasal cavity of the dust and odor all discharged. There are many patients asked, in the use of nasal washing machine nasal wash nose nasal process, how many frequency is appropriate, many physicians have shown that, according to each person's situation is not the same, the frequency used is not the same, assuming that severe Sinusitis patients, in the use of nasal wash device wash nose, the frequency should be twice a day.

The use of nasal irrigation device to wash the nose of the process of cleaning the nasal cavity, the use of about 35 degrees of warm water, the use of the moment is usually 5 to 10 minutes, which we see when cleaning is not skilled, a person often use a short time, Not often used may also be a little longer, when the onset of one or more sinus inflammation of the time, of course, often to be washed. Cleaning the nasal cavity must have detoxification function, scouring the time to use nasal irrigation device to wash the nose, scouring the process we should look at the self is not a suppurative excrement, what kind of talent should clean the nasal cavity, usually refers to those In the dust environment of the operation of the people, due to the nasal cavity often take some of the debris, so be punctual finishing.

Nasal flusher wash nose usually have the same temperature, can control the water temperature, usually speaking, according to our mouth together with the temperature inside the nasal cavity, even the water temperature should be about 37 degrees, assuming too hot will cause skin mucosal damage, so , The use of warm water erosion is accurate, but asked not to be too cold, so that will cause the breeding of bacteria. Cleaning the nasal cavity is a personal cleaning of the event, should be advised.

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