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Portable Water Flosser Cleaning Effect

Oct 13, 2017

For the regular bleeding gums, frequent teeth, teeth atrophy, teeth become "long" people, dental floss is a tool for cleaning teeth. As long as the use of dental floss, you will find the surface of the teeth, gums and teeth between the gap cleaning effect improved significantly, and it also has a pleasing advantage: lightweight portable.

However, there have been rumors that "dental floss does not work." Is it really?

Rumors identification: dental floss does not work?

According to the Associated Press, a study reviewed the past 12 related trials found - on the basis of brushing teeth to increase dental floss, compared with only brushing teeth, can slightly reduce gingivitis; but in reducing plaque, two There is almost no significant difference. In addition, in the prevention of dental caries, these tests have shown that there is no difference with no dental floss. Therefore, in the latest American dietary guidelines, it is no longer recommended to use dental floss.

Experts point out that this study is a systematic review, the evidence level of its 12 source documents is not high, and the test results do not explain the floss on the impact of caries, so this study gives the conclusions can only be used as a reference The

In fact, the American Association of Dentists (ADA), the Chinese Academy of Stomatology are recommended to use dental floss, especially for the teeth are larger, patients with periodontal disease. If you have gingival inflammation (commonly known as "tooth swelling and pain"), bleeding, periodontal pocket formation, alveolar bone resorption, alveolar bone height reduction, tooth loosening, displacement, chewing weakness, then, periodontal disease has been stare On you Dental floss wholesale price

What is the ideal cleaning program?

Experts pointed out that only daily toothbrush clean teeth, not enough. The ideal cleaning teeth program to "mix and match", for people with periodontal disease, there are four general programs: the basis of daily brushing, respectively, with the use of dental floss, tooth gap brush, toothpick, and commonly known as "water teeth Line "pulse water punching teeth of these four methods, at the same time, every six months to a year should go to the hospital scaling.

Cleaning of the teeth is necessary because the clean area of the brush is confined to the side of the lips, the side of the tongue and the occlusal surface, the teeth adjacent to the surface, the gums and teeth are less than the gap, and these two are easy to be missed The location is precisely the periodontal disease, caries high incidence area, must use the appropriate adjacent cleaning tools to help clean teeth. In general, o-gap cleaning tools used every day sooner or later, if the morning did not have time to clean thoroughly at night can achieve results.

Dental floss, tooth gap brush, toothpick and "water floss" these four cleaning programs, clinically proven to effectively clean the teeth adjacent. Among them, the tooth gap brush is the most efficient cleaning, the most effective. For patients with gingival recession, increased tooth gap, able to accommodate tooth gap brush, it is recommended to use tooth gap brush. Tooth gap brush can be deep subgingival 2 mm, can effectively reduce gingivitis, can reduce the adjacent plaque by about 30%.

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