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Sonic Pulse Toothbrush More Comfortable

Nov 02, 2017

Sonic Pulse Toothbrush More comfortable

Acoustic vibration toothbrush: Compared with the conventional electric toothbrush, the sound wave toothbrush has been out of the physical friction of this stage, and have a qualitative change, do not rely on the brush on the dirt friction to clean the teeth, acoustic vibration toothbrush on the mouth and teeth damage Low, and can be cleaned to an ordinary manual toothbrush can not clean the oral dead ends, such as gum line and tooth gap area.

Acoustic vibration toothbrush, although through the vibration of the teeth to brush your teeth, but its effect is different. The price of the more expensive toothbrush rotation will be more, of course, these turns and cleaning capacity is proportional to the price of your toothbrush, not only better cleaning capacity, and use it will be more comfortable. So, if conditions permit, choose your sonic vibration toothbrush is good. Here would have to mention the Philips HX9372 / 04 sound wave toothbrush, and innovative mobile power technology, sound waves up to 31,000 times / min, clean the ability of the bar! Electric toothbrush is through the electric motor's rapid rotation or vibration, so that the brush produces high-frequency vibration, and instantly break down the toothpaste into a tiny foam, deep cleaning teeth and brushing the trembling can promote oral blood circulation, gingival tissue also massage effect. In order to better solve the problem of brushing time people have developed a smart acoustic electric toothbrush.

Smart sound electric toothbrush for people brushing too much force on the issue, the use of brushing multi-mode change, according to different people's ability to adapt to different models to adjust the choice; for brushing time is not enough, the use of 2 minutes intelligent timing, 30 For the brushing teeth frequency is not enough on the issue, the use of high-tech motor technology, vibration frequency can reach 28000-38000 each time, more effective to achieve clean teeth function; for dead ends On the issue, the electric toothbrush will break down the toothpaste into a tiny foam, deep cleaning the teeth.

The emergence and development of electric toothbrush is the progress of science and technology, economic development, it is the embodiment of people's health awareness. In order to better serve the community, for people to make some contribution to the oral problems, independent research and development of hi honey licensing electric toothbrush, as a powerful electric toothbrush manufacturers we special to the national investment agents, electric toothbrush custom, common for the mouth Health business contribution to a force! Because the electric toothbrush industry in China's development is not very perfect, the emergence of new things will inevitably cause everyone to swarm. Like a person first found the gold mine, others know after all want to share a cup of soup. This also makes the electric toothbrush industry, the market has become increasingly chaotic, uneven quality of the products frequently appear on the market.

Many of the technology and R & D team of business owners have also joined the industry, which also the prevalence of inferior products, making a lot of consumers have been deceived, bought a bad product.

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