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Sonic Pulse Toothbrush Simple Classification

Oct 24, 2017

Sonic Pulse Toothbrush Simple classification

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, wallet pockets increasingly bulging, the pursuit of pattern renovation, how to more rational use of banknotes better drops to improve and improve the quality of life has become an important task, electric toothbrush as Shenma worth buying recommended , While both "high-tech", "to protect health", "novelty" and other attributes plus body, by a high degree of concern. But from the past recommendations and comments, many people in the purchase process still exists a very large blindness. In the [how to help you quickly and efficiently the right money to spend the purpose of this offer. Due to personal experience, after all, limited, the greater purpose of this article is to initiate, seduce the dentist friends hook, dentists must not remain silent ah ... ...

First, toothbrush classification

(1) traditional toothbrush, this is nothing to say, personally feel that the Japanese lion super fine bristles series easier to use. But from the use of my feelings, the traditional toothbrush on the inside of the teeth clean teeth more difficult to force

This may be the strongest electric toothbrush guide you've ever seen

(2) shell toothbrush, this is based on the traditional toothbrush in accordance with the shell brushing method to improve and improve the derivatives, than the traditional toothbrush is more effective in cleaning the inside of the teeth, but it seems not easy to buy. This may be the strongest electric toothbrush guide you've ever seen

(3) electric toothbrush, as the name suggests, the use of electric-driven toothbrush. Individuals for simple classification:

1, rotary: that typical representative, relying on the drive shaft to drive the brush [circle rotation], the use of friction to clean the teeth, the speed is generally 8000 up and down, domestic toys toothbrush lower. This may be the strongest electric toothbrush guide you've ever seen

2, the sound type: the motor-driven brush to achieve the sound wave frequency level [high-speed reciprocating vibration (10000-37000 times per minute), in the top of the brush to produce 4.5 m / s high speed to drive the flow and bubble flow impact , Clean the teeth.

This may be the strongest electric toothbrush guide you've ever seen

3, 3D type: to D32 as the representative of the brush to do 8000 rpm [circumference rotation] at the same time, along the vertical direction of 40,000 times / min [high-speed reciprocating vibration], in fact, this is in the ordinary rotating toothbrush Sound wave function, the so-called sound toothbrush is not only toothbrush sound waves, but can produce a similar direction in a certain frequency of sound waves. 4, sound wave + ion compound: island high-tech again. Panasonic EW1045, DE41 / 42 as the representative of the brush to do 30000 times / min [high-speed reciprocating vibration] at the same time, the use of brush conductive material in the mouth to release negative charge ions, resulting in plaque and teeth bite force weakened Easy to fall off.

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